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The development direction of multi-layer PCB manufacturing suppliers

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\"China Electronics Manufacturing and Green Procurement Summit Forum \" will be held during CS Show 2015. The organizer will invite many elites in the electronics manufacturing industry to share advanced green procurement models and experiences. It will establish an open communication platform for upstream and downstream enterprises in the manufacturing and purchasing manager industries. Under the new normal, it will actively promote the transformation of the electronic information industry to green manufacturing. The success of the\"China Electronics Manufacturing and Green Procurement Summit Forum\" will reveal the achievements of the PCB industry's ecological and environmental protection, actively promote the concept of green factories, and make great contributions to the green development of the electronics manufacturing industry chain.

As we all know, \"Made in China \" and \"Made in India \" are in a new round of competition. The world-famous original equipment manufacturer Foxconn cooperates with India, which makes it possible for India to become the next \"World Factory \". The public is worried that through this incident, China's manufacturing capacity is surplus and labor costs are rising, and most insiders have found a positive situation. We found that global electronic products have developed into miniaturized, high-performance, multi-functional and high-frequency signal transmission. In this case, we should abandon some low-end, highly repeatable original equipment manufacturers, seize this rare opportunity to guide and improve the Chinese PCB industry from traditional original equipment manufacturers to have high density and high density characteristics Manufacturer's transformation. Nicely organized. We think this is the development direction of China's multilayer PCB

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