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Rigid Flex PCBs

Rigid-Flex circuit boards are composed of a combination of rigid and flexible circuit boards that are permanently connected to one another. In consumer products, rigid flex doesn't just maximize space and weight but greatly improves reliability, eliminating many needs for solder joints and delicate, fragile wiring that are prone to connection issues. These are just some examples, but rigid flex PCBs can be used to benefit nearly all advanced electrical applications including testing equipment, tools and automobiles.

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Annular Ring Min.:
Layers2 to 24 layers, incl. "flying tails"
Drill to copper - Outer layers8 mil
Drill to copper - Inner layers10 mil
Copper Thickness0.5 oz - 4 oz
Minimum Hole Size0.1 mm
Minimum Trace/Space0.08 mm / 0.08 mm
Minimum Pitch0.5 mm
Copper to board edge0.2 mm
MaterialPolyimide, high Tg polyimide, FR4, FR4 high Tg
Material ThicknessPolyimide starting at 62µm doublesided, FR4 starting at 100µm
Maximum Size
250mm x 450mm

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