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As the basic board for the assembly of electronic parts of modern electronic equipment, the main function of the PCB is to connect the predetermined.

Circuit composed of electronic components. Usually regarded as an intermediary and bridge for electronic products. Therefore, the PCB is

Known as\"the mother of electronic systems\". The development level of PCB can reflect its development speed and

The technical level of the electronics industry in a country or region.

As the world's largest consumer of electronic products, China's PCB market demand has continued to grow. According to the statistics

Data show that China's PCB market share currently exceeds 40% of the global. Ans ranks first in the world in terms of industry scale. more importantly,

The average annual growth rate is 6.0%, which makes people more and more confident about the prospects of this emerging industry.

In fact, China's PCB industry does not have such a strong dominance in the international market, which is not commensurate with the power of statistical data.

Digital Display. On the contrary, in some high-end printed circuit board industries, kinetic energy is insufficient and innovation is not enough.

All these problems require the efforts of multi-layer PCB construction manufacturers.

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