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4-layer high frequency immersion gold board

Material: FR4 high frequency board
Number of Layer: 4 layers
Copper Thickness: 1OZ
Board Thickness: 1.2mm
Min. Aperture: 0.15mm
Min. Lin Space: 0.065mm
Minimum Line Width: 0.065mm
Surface Finish: ENIG

                                              Why Choose Us?


1. Raw Material

Under the phelosophy "Integrity based, Innovative Future". CZY strictly selects raw materials, ensuring product quality is guaranteed to meet the needs of various customers from the very beginning. The main material suppliers include Polytronics, Ventec, Shengyi, Kingboard, Boyu, Guoji and other types. Besides, CZY also accept other specific material brand as per customer requirements.


2. Equipment

High-quality printed circuit board manufacturing always relies on high-end technologies and high efficiency morden equipments. Therefore CZY has introduced a complete set of automation equipment suitable for various types of PCB and PCBA manufacturing from Germany, Japan and other places.  As of today, CZY can reach production output over 30,000 m2 monthly.


3. Customer Service

Good cooperation never lack friendly, supportive, high-efficiency, and professional customer services. CZY is very happy to declare our customer service team consists of this kind of personels from sales and R&D departments with 24-hour uninterrupted support, you'll never be disappointed from CZY great customer services.


4. Partner Rating

With more than 12 years of hard work in PCB industry, CZY has met and worked with many well-known brand customers at home and abroad, such as BYD, Unilumin, Geely, Midea, Japan Sysmex Group, and Osram etc. The cooperation with these great customers help CZY grow fastly and CZY has also been rated as a really reliable supplier and partner by them. This is appreciated by each other.

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